"I've known Dr. LaWana Richmond for many years, as both a colleague and a friend @drlawana has always been a community-driven, cognizant leader, and pragmatic team player. I’ve always been able to count on her thoughtful analysis, attention to details, and to consistently arrive at decisions that benefited the common good."

~ Maria Dowd, My Amazing Lyfe(tm)


"Your work is amazing and forward-thinking. I know April, my daughter would like to envision future schools as micro multi-aged schools where subjects of real import are taught to children, that nature would play a large part of the education for all ages, that history be taught truthfully and that all are treated as individuals with no labeling of special needs but each child taught according to their individual needs.


Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul. Mark Twain"


~Mari Peterson

Dr. Richmond is a steadfast advocate for
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Greetings LaWana! I received your message and of course support your candidacy for SD Unified School Board. I believe what students learn and accept as “truth” is often based on their own life experiences, the contexts in which these experiences have taken place and the meanings they ascribe to them. Academic achievement requires leaders who are able to see teaching and learning through the eyes of the students.

Adam Jeffers, PhD


Dr. LaWana Richmond is a selfless cognizant leader. She pays attention to details and will make decisions that benefit the common good. She is trustworthy and transparent. 

As an educator and a parent, I believe that she will serve in an unbiased way.


Dr. Barney J. Wilson