So, I Decided to Run for School Board

This was not a decision entered into lightly. When I asked myself the question, the answer was no before it became a yes. All of the no's were about not wanting to make the sacrifices associated with being in the public eye.

Then why did I make this bold move, you may wonder. For starters, I am a grandmother. My grandson will be starting his education in this school district in a few more years. If there is anything I can do to help improve the quality of education being offered to our children, l know it can potentially also benefit my grandson. After navigating through the academic maze to attain multiple degrees, work for the past decade+ in higher education administration and engage in community organizing since freshman year in college, I know I bring a variety of skills, and experiences that would be an asset.

I can't go to voters and say, "Here's my resume." That means I have to actually find a way to convey a lifetime of commitment to education and service in 30 second sound bites. I have to get voters to understand that not only am I passionate about education, my life and work experience have prepared me to be more than qualified to serve in this role. I have to get you all to understand I'm not new to this, I'm "true to this". If I didn't know I could help improve outcomes, I wouldn't have even thrown my hat in the ring. I have no shortage of hobbies or distractions to consume my time.

This bid is an act of love for my community and desire to help improve outcomes for children are currently not experiencing success with current practices. My goal is to make sure our children are prepared for the future they will inherit from us. In case you're wondering, my top priorities are:

  • Broader implementation of restorative justice practices.

  • Improved stewardship and accountability with LCFF dollars.

  • Increased access to advanced coursework for all students.

  • Partner with government and community organizations to increase basic need support for children impacted by poverty and trauma.

  • Bilingual and multilingual support for English language learners to support reading and math proficiency.

If I have managed to catch your attention and you would like to find out more about me as a candidate or ways to support this campaign, sign up for our mailing list or make a donation, today.