I met Dr. Richmond as a 17-year-old beginning my academic career at UC San Diego.  I was interviewing for a student assistant position at the campus Mail Services and Dr. Richmond was the interviewer.  From the moment she walked me to the room for the interview, I knew that she was a great leader from how she interacted with me.  It was my first job interview and I didn't have my resume printed so she gave me a copy of my resume and gave me a tip to have it handy for any future job interviews.  As a first-generation Black student, it was comforting that she took it upon herself to give me advice on how to make a good impression in an interview, and didn't give up on me just for not being prepared.  That subtlety in our interaction gave me a lot more confidence to be able to succeed at that moment.


Once she became my supervisor, I was able to see first-hand how she leads in the first place.  I felt like she believed in my potential and pushed me to maximize my time in that student assistant position so that it could be the foundation for my professional experiences.  Her high expectations of me, and support during challenging times allowed me to grow and flourish.  I firmly believe that the San Diego School Board would benefit greatly from having Dr. Richmond in a position to lead and inspire our scholars.


Since my time at Mail Services, I have crossed paths with Dr. Richmond at random and every time, I could tell that she was growing in her own journey.  Seeing her around campus while I matriculated through UC San Diego into being a UC San Diego staff member was truly inspiring.  One thing I admire about Dr. Richmond is that at every stage of her journey, she has been present in the community.  I would frequently see Dr. Richmond at events that supported and celebrated students of all backgrounds.


As a student affairs professional trying to figure out my own pathways, I am inspired by Dr. Richmond's story and her passions.  I believe that she will be able to serve on the San Diego School Board in an unbiased way while keeping students from all identities at the forefront of her mission.


Best regards,


Kyler Nathan IV



Pronouns: He/Him/His