School's Out

I decided to run for school board because I could no longer sit on the sidelines while families om my community continued to be left out and left behind. We need educational justice

I reject the false narrative that children in my community are not smart or their parents didn't care. ​I bring community engagement and partnership experience that can help build trust and increase parent engagement. I don't have to try to relate to the people in my community because I am for and of the people. I am committed to being an advocate for educational justice.

I am because we are and because we are, therefore I am. ~ Ubuntu

  • Right now, we are experiencing separate and unequal learning access, opportunity, and experience based on income, zip code, and need. The pandemic has only highlighted differences that already existed. 

  • In 2019, researchers reported a disparity in disciplinary practice. Black boys in grade K - 3rd are three times as likely to be suspended as white boys in the same grades. 

  • A similar study revealed comparable differences in discipline for Native American children.

  • Black and Brown children throughout the district remain at the bottom of the achievement gap despite additional funding targeted at reducing the gap.

  • Of the 12 San Diego Schools earning the distinction of being on the list of worst-performing schools on California Schools Dashboard, 7 are in District E and 2 of those are holdovers from the prior year. 

  • 2018 data reports 238,000 homeless children in San Diego County.  Many of those students are in the San Diego Unified School District.

  • Public comment on non-agenda items is currently at the end of board meetings making it very inconvenient for parents and community members to participate.

  • A review of local control funding spending revealed a loophole in spending policy that weakens commitment to high needs students. 

  • The issues we face today loom large and will require critical and strategic thinking to arrive at policy and budget decisions that lead to the highest good for the entire community.