• First order of business will be getting through and recovering from pandemic impacts. 

  • In the summer of 2019, different community members began approaching me about running against the incumbent because they felt like I would have more care and respect for the parents and families in District E. So I started doing some research not making final decision to run until very late in the summer. 

  • Of the 12 San Diego Schools earning the distinction of being on list of worst schools on California Schools Dashboard, 7 are in District E and 2 of those are holdovers from the prior year. 

  • 2018 data reports 238,000 homeless children in San Diego County.  Many of those students are in the San Diego Unified School District.

  • 19% of African American children are in foster care.‚Äč

  • Public comment is currently at end of board meetings making it very inconvenient for parents and community members to participate.

  • Recent audit of local control funding findings indicate a lack of transparency about spending. 

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