LaWana 'Firyali' Richmond, EdD


I want children like my grandson to have the best public education experience possible. As a parent and grandmother, I know I'm ready to fight for our children and working families. I'd like to see more children look forward to being at school and feeling like it is a place they can succeed.  I want children to be socially, ecologically, and technically fluent so they can succeed in the world they will inherit from us. It's up to us to help make these things happen.

While many long for a return to "normal", all of the current chaos and disruption present opportunities to return better than ever before.  Historically, it is times like this that lend themselves most easily to exponential progressive change and innovation.  We may not have another opportunity of this magnitude for another 100 years or more.

My greatest hope is that we go beyond just trying to get back to where we were before and rather focus on moving forward towards what we can be. 

I have a track record of navigating systemic change that involves fostering a culture of continuous improvement, equity, and fiscal responsibility. 

At the University of California, San Diego, my responsibilities have ranged from extramural funds management to business systems analysis with my current role being focused around organizational development with an emphasis on operational excellence and continuous improvement. 

Shortly after completing my doctorate in 2015, I began with teaching doctoral students and eventually undergraduate students at UCSD. Throughout all of this, I have been engaged with my community. I have shown up and made the effort to make a difference whenever and wherever I could because it's who I am.  

In closing, Ubuntu theory says, I am because we are and because we all are therefore, I am.

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