About  Dr. LaWana Richmond
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We live in a moment when adversity and the opportunities it presents beckons us all to rise above ourselves. I’m committed to serving the parents who seek guidance, the teachers who need support, and the children who look to our example.

I will not just "go along to get along".

I’ve spent time in the foster care system and group homes, became a teen mom and single parent, found my way into community college, eventually transferring to and graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Business Administration, followed by a Masters in Information Systems (National University), and finally earning a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (UC San Diego/CSU San Marcos).


I have 15 years of experience in financial/business systems planning and development and now serve as an organizational development manager at UC San Diego. I am trained and certified by various operational excellence and change management programs and am a certified project management professional.

All the while, I’ve worked and raised children who have also been educated in the San Diego Unified schools. I know firsthand the hope offered and successes realized through our educational system and the issues and challenges that need to be addressed and remedied. I am your partner in the solution.


FPPC: 1421891