Business Meeting

Pressing Priority #1 

Navigating Through and Beyond the Pandemic with Grace

  • Restore learning momentum to reduce impact of emergency distance learning initiatives. 

  • Capture and realize unexpected benefits of innovation during crisis period. 

  • Address financial shortfalls through strategic engagement with local, state and federal governmental and non-governmental agencies. 

Equity and Justice

  • Address disparities in disciplinary practices, particularly in grades K-3.

  • In the spirit of steel sharpens steel, use strengths-based and trauma informed approach to supporting students with special needs.

  • Collaborate with local government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations to increase availability of paid internships to provide more pathways to success for students.


  • Transparency is a foundational element in accountability.​

  • Increase transparency to ensure all parents understand how and where they can engage to support their child’s schools.

  • Move non-agenda public comment from bottom to top of meeting for consideration and context in ensuing deliberations. 

  • Commitment to exploring alternatives rather than assuming the first answer/solution is the best or most optimal option.

  • Champion Working Smarter Initiatives to identify and evaluate ideas for cost saving and revenue enhancement innovation.



  • Albert Einstein is said to have written: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

  • Dale Carnegie wrote, “If you give a dog a bad name, he’ll live up to it.”

  • Help students identify and celebrate their individual genius.

  • Engage with families, community partners, and other strategic partners to crowdsource potential solutions and innovations to increase learning engagement and success. 

  • Strengthen partnerships with service providers to ensure medical, mental and other social services are available to support student success.

  • Access to advanced coursework and enrichment opportunities for all students including schools that aren’t performing as well on the California School Dashboard.

  • Identify and implement proven best practices where feasible.