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San Diego Guild


"The love Dr. Richmond has for the Black San Diegans, Black youth and San Diego in general is evident the moment you speak with her.

Dr. Richmond holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from SDSU, a Masters in Information Systems from National University, and a Doctorate in Education Leadership from UC San Diego/CSU San Marcos. Dr. Richmond has 15 years of experience in financial/business systems planning and organizational management at UC San Diego. She is a certified Project Manager and is trained and certified by various operational excellence and change management programs. In addition, Dr. Richmond has a deep reservoir of public/community service experience, including having served on the boards of DETOUR Empowers, the “Cay” Montgomery Technology Fund for Malcolm X Library and her current role as a member of the Equitable Distance Learning Task Force, San Diego for Every Child.

If you are seeing a pattern in Dr. Richmond’s service and professional experience, good eye! Dr. Richmond is dedicated to ensuring our young people have every opportunity for equitable learning, opportunity to learn of our communal past and opportunity to embrace who they are as individuals.
Being that Dr. Richmond is comfortable thinking outside the box and not being constrained by the expectations and limitations of others, it is only logical that her service, professional experience, and interests would all intersect at Afrofuturism.

Dr. Richmond’s passion for futurism, in general and Afrofuturism in particular, is driven by the times we live in. Times when the adversity and the opportunities it presents beckon us to rise above ourselves.

Thank you Dr. LaWana Richmond & Firyali Visions for providing a space where we are free to be our present selves and embrace all the creativity and imagination to see our future selves without boundaries. We honor you for reminding us that the future is ours!"